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Awakening Who I Am

Co-Authored by Dan McCormick and Ken Shelton, this book will help you Awaken your potential by harnessing the power of the words that follow "I Am". Words have power and if you are not careful or aware, you could be using their power for harm in your life. 

Harness their power for good by learning the foundational seven affirmations. Awaken your potential and invite a transformation in your life that will allow you to achieve your fullest potential. 

What others are saying about the book:

“My father often talked of making ‘deposits’ in the ‘emotional bank accounts’ of people as a way to build trust and gain influence. In this fascinating book, Dan and Ken invite us to apply that concept to ourselves by making deposits of daily positive affirmations in our minds and in our hearts.” 

Stephen M. R. Covey
Bestselling Author of The Speed of Trust and Trust & Inspire


“Is there anything left unwritten on how to be more happy, healthy, and wealthy? Dan and Ken answer that question with profound insights based on the biblical concept of I Am. They present a construct that will surely change the life of anyone who is truly seeking a healthier, happier, more productive and positive path.”

Truman Hunt
Former CEO of Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc

“This wonderful book makes a great gift for all the people we love. When we read the I Am affirmations, we may question our ability to live such lofty aspirations; however, when we commit fully to being present and living in the state of I Am, we are assisted by a Higher Power. Combining faith, effort, and commitment, we can all achieve the I Am affirmations; and I promise: as we do, our lives are richly blessed. Our success is multiplied, and our self-confidence skyrockets when we do what we promise ourselves daily.”

Jason Hewlett
CSP, CPAE, Hall of Fame Speaker, Award-Winning Entertainer, and Author of The Promise to the One

“Repeat after me, ‘I Am Capable. I Am Worthy. I Am a Creator.’ Dan McCormick and Ken Shelton will have you believing these and many more affirmations about yourself after you read this book. Best of all, all of those things are true and you will begin to believe and embody them. When you adopt these positive affirmations, you will begin to take charge of creating your own destiny, and what a wonderful journey it will be.”

Patrick Snow
Publishing Coach and International Bestselling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

“In Awakening Who I Am, you will experience a jolt of positivity to your brain that will have you eager to face each day believing you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. Dan McCormick and Ken Shelton will teach you seven powerful affirmations—one for each day of the week—that will change your thoughts and change your world. I Am excited for you.”

Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD
Award-Winning Author of Narrow Lives and Kawbawgam: The Chief, The Legend, The Man

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