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Two Words to Ignite Your Transformation

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Awakening Who I Am

Co-Authored by Dan McCormick and Ken Shelton, this book will help you Awaken your potential by harnessing the power of the words that follow "I Am". Words have power and if you are not careful or aware, you could be using their power for harm in your life. 

Harness their power for good by learning the foundational seven affirmations. Awaken your potential and invite a transformation in your life that will allow you to achieve your fullest potential. 

I Am a Magnet for Miracles Coin

Sensory Stacking is a system where you associate affirmations with seven key senses. The I Am a Magnet for Miracles Coin is a powerful tool to elevate your affirmation experience. Paired with Awakening Who I Am, you will be ready to transform your life.  

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