Coaching to Transform

One-On-One Coaching

What you'll learn

  • Affirmation Transformation System
  • Weekly Techniques and tools to become a magnet for miracles
  • Sensory Stacking
  • Weekly one-on-one time with Dan McCormick to craft tools and techniques specifically for you


This is the one of most powerful and effective programs that we offer, giving you one-on-one coaching with Dan McCormick every week. You will have the chance to learn directly from Dan on how to transform your life and become a magnet for miracles. 

This includes a one hour coaching call through zoom every week*. This one-on-one coaching time can be structured and formatted by Dan or can be self-led by your current progress and journey. Dan brings invaluable experience to the table having led hundreds of teams, spoken on numerous stages, and generated millions of dollars in sales. 

Additionally, you will get access to exclusive content, discounts, and connections. 

Get started with this powerful tool and be held accountable to your dreams.

Coach : Dan McCormick
Duration : One Year - Weekly
Yearly Price : $9,995 (Save $2,000)
Monthly Price : $995 (One Year Commitment)